Onychomycosis Fungus Treatment

5 Methods Of Onychomycosis Treatmen

Nail fungus (onychomycosis) is a common condition with many people. This infection may occur due to extended exposure to moisture, sweaty shoes, poor hygiene, weak immune system and abnormal pH levels on the skin around the toe. If the infection is not attended to in good time, it may lead to complete loss of the toenail, splitting or even cracking of the same.  It will also turn the nail from a healthy color into a yellowish shade.  The nail fungus can however be contained and treated using various methods. Some of these Onychomycosis treatment methods are discussed below.

Oral medication For Onychomycosis

It is considerably the most preferred form of nail fungus treatment. As the name indicates, the doctor prescribes oral antifungal drugs (e.g. itraconazole, terbinafine etc.) that should be taken for at least 6 weeks. These drugs aren’t fast to action but rather kill the fungus then induce a fresh nail growth. The new nail grows to replace the already existing one and is free from infection.  The medication can be bought off the counter mostly.  It is not expensive and is safe to consume for most except for pregnant woman.  It is good that you consult with your family doctor before you decide to take any oral medication.

Use medicated nail polish

This mode of treatment involves using medicated nail polish to treat the fungal infection. The doctor prescribes an antifungal nail polish (e.g. ciclopirox) which should be painted on the infected nails every day for a period of one year. The nail polish penetrates deep into the nail killing the fungus thus eliminating the infection. Ladies and celebrities commonly prefer this method.

Medicated nail cream

This is the most common method used to treat fungal nail infection. The creams contain antifungal properties that help kill the fungus providing giving a long lasting relief. For the nail cream to act fast on the infection, it would be advisable to soak your feet in warm water for about thirty minutes. You should then thin the nails to make it possible for the antifungal properties to penetrate through the nail’s hard surface.  This is by far one of the most effect solution to get rid of the nail fungus.  There are many nail cream available in the market today.  You walk into a pharmacy and you can see many different brands all claiming to be able to kill off the nail fungus fast.  After much testing, the best nail fungus cream out there today is probably Funginix.  This brand is proven to remove the nail fungus within 2 weeks if use correctly.  The price is slightly on the high side.  You can get Funginix from their office website.

Light-based and laser therapies

This is considerably the most expensive nail fungus treatment. This treatment method employs the use of laser light to treat fungal infections. This treatment can also be combined with antifungal nail creams for a faster action.

Nail removal

This is considerably the best way to treat severely infected nails. A minor surgery is however required to remove the infected nail, and an antifungal drug administered to treat any of the remaining fungi. The best thing about having your nail removed is that a new uninfected one will grow within a matter of weeks. Although nail growth takes relatively long to grow back to the desired size, you will never have to worry about a reinfection.

These are considerably the simplest forms of nail fungus treatments there is today. If you have an infection, you should then try the easiest one before moving to light or surgical methods.